A Private Membershp Club since 1886 . . .
The picture to the right is that of which many of our "senior members" call our original home.

A stately Victorian located at 235 Mill Street, it was occupied by the Association from the 1920's until the 1960's.  It was deemed to be sold by the Association to make way for the 44/55 arterials that cut through the City today.

Today, the building is gone, but the memories
continue to live on.
The Exempt Firemen's Association was organized November 10, 1886, with forty members and Oliver H. Booth serving as first president.  The current Main Street firehouse (O.H. Booth Hose Company) is named after him.  The objects of the charter members were to encourage and renew the social intercourse that exists in Volunteer Fire Departments, to provide suitable headquarters for the enjoyment of its members and to aid those members who are in distress and to have careful supervision over widows and orphans.

To be eligible for membership one must have served at least five years as an active member
in the Volunteer Fire Department.  Today, the Exempts offers "social memberships" to non-firefighter residents and firefighters who have less than five years, but who want to join and support our Association.  Our membership has fluctuated over the years, with the membership at about 600 in 1930, to 250 in 1960, to now over 2,000 in early 2007.   

The original headquarters of the Association was located at 54 Market Street.  Later it was moved to 359 Main Street, thence to 11 Liberty Street and after that to 235 Mill Street. 
In its final move, the Association relocated to 200 Mansion Street in the last 1950's where it has completed hundred of thousands of dollars worth of interior and exterior renovations over the last several years. 

Today, the Exempt's is stronger than ever, with a greater and more diverse membership base and with lots of activities offered for its members.  It has recently purchased a 15 seat passenger van, added a deck to its building, launched a website and has expanded its member services to include a new pool table/ lounge hall.

With continued support from our members and the community, the Exempt's will continue to be a pillar of the community, we so proudly serve.  A private membership since 1886. 

History of the Exempt's
   The voice of County volunteer firemen since 1886
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